Websites are like gardens. Grow your SEO.

Introducing…the garden metaphor. This metaphor helps explain some of the major factors in search engine ranking.

On the most basic level, gardens and websites both have content.

No two gardens or websites are the exact same. Even if two different gardens are made up of the same plants and designed in the same fashion, they will have unique characteristics. The same goes for websites.
Gardens and websites are both affected by internal factors and external factors, some of which are beyond your control. For websites, those internal factors are the site’s architecture, code, design, the type and amount of content and the actual words used in the content. External factors include the search engines themselves, competitors’ websites, user behavior, industry and technological trends, the website hosting server and more.

For a garden, the internal factors are the plants or seeds and the care you provide (water, fertilizer, pruning, etc.) The external factors are soil conditions, weather and climate.

In both cases, the external factors may be influenced but not controlled.


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