Social Media vs. Search Engines?

I’m a regular reader of Search Engine Watch and today Mike Grehan posted an article comparing the differences in how people search for information today, as opposed to even just a year ago (Saying Goodbye to Search Engines).  I have to admit, it’s exciting to me.  The internet seems to be becoming what most of us have always envisioned it to be. Instant information at our fingertips. As it’s happening. 

As exciting as it is – the real time information from Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds pulling information & headlines into all of these medias for us to have at our disposal without spending hours searching for it; I can’t help but wonder what that means for those of us that have spent years mastering the art of search engine optimization.  Those that have spent thousands of dollars working so hard to get the best placement for their websites on Google, Yahoo, etc. will now have to re-evaluate their advertising methods online to keep up with businesses that have a more “in your face” presence on the web.

In his article he mentions the delayed results of information in the search engines. Events finding their way to the listings after the fact – as Google doesn’t index websites in real time.  Will this change? Search engines clearly have their work cut out for them if they intend to compete with these new information avenues that have opened up.

What do we do now?  If you haven’t already – familarize yourself with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bebo. Learn how to use them, what they’re capable of.  Also, make sure your website has an RSS feed that these networking places can pick up.  It’s effortless advertising.

A shameless plug for WordPress based websites? Absolutely.  WordPress as a content management system can take care of all of these things for you. With a few simple plugins – each post you make to your site can be broadcasted to all of the above social media avenues, and more, with zero effort from you.  Want to know how? Contact me for information. I’d love to share!

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  1. I think the best part about the web, is that no matter what I need, I can first research it online THEN go to the store to buy it (and can even see if MY local store even has it in stock first)…..OR I can order something I want online and have it shipped direct to my house….the convenience is brilliant! Now if we could find a husband that easy….well my life would be perfect (hahaha!) …. Huge hugs Mandi….. :))

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