Free High Res Grunge Brushes – Photoshop!

Free High Resolution Grunge Brushes for Photoshop

I decided to create 6 custom, high resolution, grunge brushes for free download. I hope you like them!

Would enjoy seeing how you decide to use them so post a link in the comments. Feel free to use them as you wish they may not be sold or distributed as your own work but you are welcome to offer them as a download with a return link and credit. It’s just another way of saying thank you for stopping by and visiting us!


Organic Versus Artificial Link Building

In SEO terms, a big deal is made of the practice of building links. This is because the major search engines view each link as being an indication of the quality of your page. The more links a page has the more beneficial it is viewed as being and the greater the perceived value of a link, the better your results will prove to be. However search engines also attempt to ignore or devalue those links that they believe have been gathered artificially, preferring to see organically or naturally gifted links.
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Call to Action, what is that?

Call to action buttons are sometimes taken for granted. However, when they are used well can be huge money makers.

On an interview I did once I was asked about Call-to-Action buttons. What my thoughts were and what I take into consideration when creating them. Up until that point I didn’t really understand what he meant. At that time I put as much thought into the call to actions as it took to make a button pretty and visually appealing. If I am not mistaken I told him some gibberish about color. Since then I have done a lot more reading and have gained a much better understanding for what he was asking me.
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Martini Vectors, Chocotini, Appletini and Cosmopolitan ~ Free

Cosmopolitan, Appletini and Chocotini


Ahhh one of my favorite things to drink with liquor in it! Amanda can vouch for my lolita glass, martini fun! I made these sets a few years ago and they have just been collecting dust. I thought it would be cool to release them and see if anyone can find a use for them. I hope you like them! Post your links and let me see what you do with them!

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Wine Pairings

For those of you that know me know I have fallen in love with wine. I love learning about the different kinds of wine, the flavors, how the grapes are grown, and anything else there is to know. There is a lot! My favorite is a really good Syrah! So i found a great listing of guidelines today on how to pair your wines with your food. I know it can be intimidating when you stand in the grocery store and there is bottle after bottle of wine! So enjoy 🙂
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