Call to Action, what is that?

Call to action buttons are sometimes taken for granted. However, when they are used well can be huge money makers.

On an interview I did once I was asked about Call-to-Action buttons. What my thoughts were and what I take into consideration when creating them. Up until that point I didn’t really understand what he meant. At that time I put as much thought into the call to actions as it took to make a button pretty and visually appealing. If I am not mistaken I told him some gibberish about color. Since then I have done a lot more reading and have gained a much better understanding for what he was asking me.

Some tasks on your website are more important than others. A good designer will try to understand the objectives of the website and understand which tasks are really important. The routes to completing these tasks should be given priority by the designer. Dr David Travis calls such tasks red-routes and Gerry McGovern refers to the long neck. I prefer the red-route analogy but the long neck might work a bit better internationally.

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